Pink Drips Sandbrook Park, Rochdale, OL11 1RY |  Tues - Sun 5:00PM-11PM  



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"Please note that we cannot guarantee the absence any allergen. As we use shared equipment in a busy environment, some products may not be suitable for those with server allergies. Our Menu constantly changes; please advise our team every time you visit as we may be using alternate ingredients"


   2 SCOOP CUP  = £3.55  3 SCOOP CUP = £4.55   4 SCOOP CUP = £5.45 


Please note Pink Drips Kitchen works at a separate time frame from the dessert side of the restaurant when ordering please keep this in mind. OUR FOOD IS NOT COOKED BEFORE HAND AND IS COOKED FRESH DURING PEEK TIMES WAITING TIIMES MAY BE LONGER.